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Piano tuning tools, kits, parts, supplies, decals, benches & accessories.

This piano tuning site is designed to provide you with a vast amount of information about piano service and related subjects. We also supply a complete line of piano tuning tools, piano parts and piano supplies. We also now offer a complete line of stock & custom piano decals.

You may also find an extensive list of accessories such as piano benches, piano stools and piano moving equipment. Choose an item from the menu bar at the top or choose a link at the bottom of this page to navigate this site.

I have prepared a number of "eBooks" (electronic books) on a variety of piano tuning related subjects. These may be downloaded to your computer and read off line. You may also print them out if you would like a hard copy. Printed copies are also available which can be mailed to you. Here are the eBooks currently available.

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How To Tune Your Own Piano

Did you ever wish that you could tune your own piano?

Well . . . here is what you need to get started. Download my manual today & discover the basics of How to Tune Your Own Piano.

FREE consultation is available with your purchase.

More information please . . .!

How To Repair Your Own Piano

Do you have basic mechanical skills?

Then doing your own repairs will be a cinch! Once you understand the functions of the various parts of a piano, you can easily do most of the repairs yourself. My eBook will teach you how to diagnose a problem & then make the appropriate repairs. I also give you sources for all the tools & parts that you may require.

Click here for a detailed contents description.

How To Rebuild Your Own Piano

Advance to the next level & discover how to rebuild your own piano.

If you are comfortable with doing minor repairs, then you can certainly move up to major rebuilding work with little difficulty. This manual gives you detailed directions for installing all new parts -- strings, hammers, felts, etc.

More information is available here . . .

How To Re-Scale Your Own Piano

Not happy with the tone or tuning stability of your piano?

Maybe you need to re-design the stringing scale. Especially if you are re-stringing, it is a good practice to do some calculations in order to determine if you can make any improvements in the string diameters used. This program will enable you to do all the calculations for each note in seconds instead of hours!

More information & some screen shots can be viewed here.

How To Refinish Your Own Piano

Don't mind getting your hands dirty?

As long as you have a suitable place to work, such as your garage, you can SAVE a bundle by doing the refinishing yourself. This manual is primarily written for those who have had no previous experience in wood finishing. The basic steps of stripping off the old finish, sanding, staining & applying your finishing coat are all covered in an easy-to-understand manner.

A more detailed description of the contents of this manual is found here.

How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Business

Are you just starting out in your new tuning career? Or, maybe you are an experienced technician who would like to grow your business.

Then this manual is for you! I have endeavored to keep this manual simple & practical so that you can operate an efficient piano tuning business in the most profitable manner.

You can learn more about the contents of this manual by clicking on this link now.

How To Build Your Own Piano Bench

Do you like working with new wood?

If you have a basic wood-working shop, you can easily build your own bench. These plans are my own special design enabling you to build a sturdy, long-lasting bench.

Pictures & a fuller description can be viewed here.

How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Tool Case

You will just love this piano tuning tool case!

I designed this tool case for my own use & thought that I would share it with you. This sure beats carrying your tools in a tackle box!

Get the details here.

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