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How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Tool Case

Piano Tuning Tool Case

After many years of frustration trying to find a suitable tool case I decided that the only solution was to build my own.

My design is very sturdy & will stand up to carrying the weight of your tools for many years. I have used this case now for over 10 years & it is still as good as new.

Why not try out my tool case plans today? If you are not satisfied that it will make the best tool case you have ever owned, just request a full refund. Try it today risk-free!

I have been getting a lot of compliments whenever I enter a customers home. Usually I hear, "Where did you get that lovely tool case?" You can impress your customers too with your own workmanship.

Buy Now -- Money back guarantee! and have immediate access to my piano tuning tool case plans.

Only $12.95 -- special introductory offer (limited time).

More pictures here:

These plans are in eBook form so that you can download them immediately to your computer & get started right away on your new tool case. If you want a printed copy, I can mail one to you today. It is also available as an application for MAC computers.

Click here to make your purchase -- only $12.95 today!

How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Tool Case

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