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How To Build Your Own Piano Bench

Piano Bench Plans

Buy Now - How To Build Your Own Piano Bench

  • Solid Wood Construction
  • Sliding Dovetail Joinery
  • Build it to Last
  • Measurements:
    14"W x 30"L x 20"H
corner design
Corner Design

Completed Bench

Piano Bench

More pictures of a bench made with these plans:

Harpsichord Bench

Harpsichord Bench - Open

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Only $9.95 USD

Note: This is an electronic book that you download to your computer. You can then read it off line or print it out. Printed copies of the eBook are also available. Note: The printed copy is a loose-leaf printout of the electronic version, not a bound book. It is also available as an application for MAC computers.

Bench Hardware Package

Click here to order complete set of hardware for bench

How To Build Your Own Piano Bench

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